Nicolas Coaching’s mission:

To create a path for women faculty to carve out authentic, fulfilling careers that align with their values.

The vision

As a career coach who has lived the faculty life, I am passionate about leveling the playing field and creating professional development opportunities that encourage women to harness their own powers so they can have the careers they want.

For many women, gender, race and parenting still get in the way of having the academic careers they yearn for. I believe it does not have to be that way. As a career coach who has lived the faculty life, I am passionate about providing coaching and faculty development that fosters fulfilling, successful academic careers.


Nicolas Coaching is a boutique firm that offers coaching and career development services tailored to the needs of higher education stakeholders.

As a certified, career coach, I work with individual faculty members as well as small faculty groups, providing the structure and guidance needed for them to grow and advance their academic career goals.

I am a partner in their journey –at times a sounding board, their champion, their guide, their motivator– providing unconditional support and accountability, challenging them to think bigger to get what they want.

Our faculty-coach partnership is grounded in action and driven by the goals and needs they entrust me to keep front and center for them. Together we explore the challenges impeding their progress, and debunk the beliefs that keep them in a box of impossibility, so they can take concrete actions, tailored to their contexts, and develop sustainable practices to achieve their goals.

I also team up with academic leaders, or institutional stakeholders working on diversity and equity to design workshops tailored to their needs and their contexts.


“Through coaching I became not only a more confident advocate for myself, but I was able to use what I had learned to better support my students and other colleagues who often faced similar challenges as I had faced.”

Dr. Judy Day

Who they are

Faculty across the U.S.


Percent work at R1 institutions


Percent are in STEM fields


Percent are early-career faculty


Percent are tenured


Percent have young children

Who I am:

When I was growing up, people used to tell me I was a dreamer. Turns out, they were exactly right; I am a dreamer. And over time, I have learned — sometimes the easy way, sometimes the hard way — that if you simply give dreams attention, not much happens!

But Dreams + Intention = A New Reality.

And for me, intention has often come out of articulating my dreams to others — teachers, coaches, colleagues, people I have come to see as my “dream team.” Their insights and support helped me to refine my dreams, to keep focused, and to hold myself accountable.

My desire to pass on to others what had been gifted to me, to become the “dream team” for others, is what drove me to leave my 25-year career in higher education. As a coach, I now have the privilege to guide my clients as they hone in on the intentions behind their dreams, the “why” that will turn their “if onlies” to tangible actions. Together, we create a path for the new reality they dream for themselves: a career in academia, a stronger publication record, a finished dissertation, a career shift…