“The STEM Circle helped me change my narrative, what the voice in the back of my head tells me about how I made it here and what I’m capable of.”

Designed to support women and URM faculty at varied stages of their careers, Faculty Coaching Circles combine individual and group coaching to provide career development tailored to the needs and experiences of participants.

Goal-focused and action-driven, the group coaching process creates a confidential space for participants to safely explore issues that stand in the way of realizing their career potential, to design strategies tailored to their needs, and to get the accountability to accelerate their progress and meet your goals.

The STEM Circle offers women faculty in STEM fields the opportunity to become part of an intentional community of peers who understand the challenges and pressures women experience as they build their academic careers. A community designed to support them out of the box of impossibilities, so that they can breathe, prioritize, focus and SUCCEED.

• Create meaningful connections with peers within or outside of their units;
• Build a supportive network that transcends the group sessions;
• Find the support, encouragement and accountability to stay on track;
• Safely explore key issues affecting their professional growth;
• Increase productivity through strategies tailored to their needs.

“Participating in the STEM circle has really helped me get a better sense of how much time I am devoting to things versus how much time those tasks do and should take up. This has allowed me to develop a more consistent writing habit by minimizing non-important tasks most days.”

• Reduced sense of isolation;
• Expanded register of resources;
• Increased self-confidence and sense of agency;
• Increased satisfaction with their work life;
• A more solid support network at the university;
• Increased productivity;
• Increased ability to make decisions that support their professional goals.

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