Support to keep you on track

Faculty Coaching Circles provide professional development and support to women faculty at varied stages of their careers. Combining individual and group coaching, they are a powerful, cost-effective alternative to one-on-one coaching.

The Moms-In-Academia Faculty Circle– Coming Spring 2021

Does working from home mean weaving work sessions in between making and supervising meals and snacks, overseeing 3rd grade math, orchestrating naps, changing diapers, and mediating sibling conflicts?

Are you worried about the impact the Covid era will have on your tenure and career advancement?

Join the Moms-in-Academia Circle , a coaching group designed for women like you, women who  are ready to create more effective ways to progress in their careers in these challenging times.  

What is the Moms-in-Academia Circle?

Goal-focused and action-driven, the Moms-in-academia Circle is a confidential space for you to safely explore issues that stand in the way of realizing your potential, and design strategies tailored to your goals and needs. Facilitated by a certified coach with a 25-year academic background, the Circle is limited to 10 participants, and supports members to

  • Safely explore key issues affecting their professional growth;
  • Productively manage competing demands and responsibilities;
  • Create meaningful connections with peers;
  • Build a supportive network that transcends the group sessions;
  • Find the support, encouragement and accountability to stay on track.

The program lasts 3 months and includes:

  • A 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions;
  • 5 bi-weekly 75-minute group coaching sessions, all conducted on Zoom;
  • Access to customized professional development tools and resources;
  • Unlimited email contact with the coach for support, encouragement or celebrations.
  • All for an investment of just $139/ month (for 3 months) or $395 in one payment.

When you join the Moms-in-Academia Circle, you become part of an intentional community of peers who understand the challenges and pressures of being a mom and building an academic career in the COVID era. A community designed to support you out of the box of impossibilities, so that you can breathe, prioritize, and focus.  A space for the care of you.

Want To Learn More or to be added on the waiting list?

Schedule an exploratory call­– We’ll talk through your career and semester goals, what you desire from coaching, and determine if the Moms-in-academia Circle is a fit for you.