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So much to do, so little time…

Everything you put in place to achieve your goals can feel like no match for the competing demands coming your way: Meetings get rescheduled — during your writing times; papers pile up on your desk; students knock at your door with urgent issues; senior colleagues bring enticing offers to collaborate… Responsibilities at home are shifting as you become a parent, facing the morning melt-downs with your preschooler, or start caring for an aging parent, with, perhaps, a limited support system.

Am I cut for this?

Or perhaps you are struggling to write, isolated in your office, beating yourself up when your colleagues appear to have it all together. Not sure where to turn when the people who could help you also have a say on your getting tenure.

Coaching tailored to your needs.

With a focus on you, individual coaching can help you deal with these challenges so that you:

  • Stop procrastinating and beating yourself up;
  • Stop overcommitting and start prioritizing;
  • Create sustainable writing practices tailored to your needs;
  • Increase your productivity and meet deadlines;
  • Get to the tenure finish line (mostly) sane.

When you partner with me as your coach, you get personalized attention, support, and accountability. I will guide you so you direct your time and energy where it matters most, starting with:

  • Identifying what’s in your way, what the cost of it is, and what you would rather have;
  • Exploring how you sabotage yourself and how to stop doing it;
  • Developing sustainable productivity strategies that meet your needs;
  • Setting boundaries that support your personal and professional priorities;
  • Making writing goals more tangible and achievable.

Why work with me.

As a former academic, I have experienced first-hand how little support women in academia receive as they go through professional and personal transitions, as tenure-track or newly tenured faculty, or as new parents.As a coach, my purpose is to provide that support, to level the playing field by helping my clients to create the results they want with tools and strategies tailored to their needs. Let me know how I can support you. Let’s talk!

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